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Customisable Glass Splashbacks Available for Brisbane

Compliment your bathroom or kitchen whilst protecting your walls from nasty stains and blemishes. Utilising a splashback in your home has a dual benefit and adds a degree of protection for your walls whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing addition for your space. We provide exceptional glass splashbacks within Brisbane and the surrounding areas and can provide a custom cut design to fit your specific size requirements. Whether for your kitchen or bathroom, our team can measure and install a solution that’s suitable to your needs. We offer a quick and efficient service with an emphasis on friendly service and absolute customer satisfaction.

Advantages of utilising a glass splashback

Perhaps the main benefit of having a splashback in wet or messy areas of your home, is to shield your walls from any water, oil, grease or food that may have a tendency of flying through the air. A splashback made from glass requires little to no maintenance and can easily be kept clean with a simple wipe down, ensuring your kitchen or bathroom looks presentable and pristine. Other surfaces are typically much harder to keep clean and result in nasty stains which ruin the overall visual appeal of a room.


Our products also mean that your home is clean and hygienic. Splashbacks can be cleaned with a simple household cleaning product and a damp cloth, meaning that no harmful bacteria or germs are allowed to thrive.

Add a colourful feature to your Brisbane home

Our glass solutions come in a variety of colours and can add a vibrant statement piece to your chosen room. This can break up the uniform style of an otherwise stark kitchen and complement your décor with a bit of personality. Allow our knowledgeable team to assess your space and offer suggestions as to the best option to suit your room. Our splashback installation and repairs are available 24/7 and are on offer in Brisbane, Logan City, Forest Lake, Pine Rivers, Redcliffe and Ipswich.

Call us today to book in an appointment

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